A man is like a novel: until the very last page you don’t know how it will end.

Marco Polo is a designer, focused on different creative areas, who has assembled a unique team of the brightest social scientists, artists, and business consultants.

Working since 2013 from New York City.

Dream team


Open Marco was founded in 2013 as a separate project by a Russian web development company. When we started, we wanted to create a better way for web developers to build websites using WordPress.


Our first product – Colors Creative – was an experiment. But this experiment led us to more than 1,100 sales from 100+ countries. It was hard. But it was fun. We’ve got feedback from hundreds of people reporting bugs, suggesting new features and thanking us for creating such a cool product.


Today we’re happy no release our new product – Smoothly – which is very important for us. This theme is our foundation for building every single product in the upcoming years. Moreover, the main theme’s focus is customer experience. The smoother it is the happier your customers are.

Our agency is built by incredible people.